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Actualité 22 Mai 2018

How to decorate and arrange a war room or an innovation lab

Stimulating the team spirit, making them inventive and creative, bringing everyone’s skills together on the same project, restoring group cohesion, eliminating the loss of sales of a product: these are all objectives and challenges that each company has. And for that, why not create a war room or an innovation lab in its offices?

This initiative will be able to boost the various projects undertaken by your employees and yourself, provided however that its fitting-out and decoration are organized and well thought out.

Find in this article all the good tips and our advice to optimize your war room / lab innovation.

War room, innovation lab, doesn't that mean anything to you ? First of all, let us briefly recall what this actually is.

Although the term « war room » may seem negative at first, it is not so. It is not a simple meeting or exchange room, but a real room where ideas will be born and where the construction of a project will accelerate.

A war room / innovation lab are in reality equivalents: using the ideas and skills of each member of the dedicated team to achieve the realization or acceleration of a project.

Now you know what this means, let’s see how to set it up in your workspace

Choose a suitable location for the war room / innovation lab

To achieve the maximum effect from creating a war room / innovation lab, you need to create a room entirely dedicated to it. But how do we do that ? How to get organized ? How to arrange it and decorate it ? Discover all our tips.

  • Rely on the modular

As we saw previously, your teams will move, ask questions, compose a mini space in the room, etc… It will therefore be preferable for you to prefer furniture on wheels that will meet the specific needs of the project. If a team member wants to move a piece of furniture or a whiteboard: he can.

  • Make the place lively

A color on the wall, a banner with an inspiring quote, the values of your company: affirm the values advocated by your company so that, during their brainstorming, your teams do not detach themselves from them.

Also remember to make the objects as removable as possible with lots of material available: a white board, markers and pencils, post-it notes, notebooks, glass surfaces, etc.

Don’t forget that they will need to express their creativity, write down their ideas before they disappear, make diagrams, calculations. In short, organize space as they see fit.

  • Consider the possibility of hosting

Creating a space for the team in charge of working on the project, is fine. But also think about when you will invite customers or prospects to test ideas and exchange with the hosted members. For example, provide some cameras to collect feedback, chairs, a table to lay plans ideas, etc…

  • Don’t neglect the cozy side

We all know that our creativity is at its peak when we feel in our element and the space around us is somewhat suited to us. Therefore, opt for comfortable furniture that matches the company’s vision and design to find a certain common environment for the employees who will work there. You’ll see, you’ll be surprised.

Our ideas to decorate and fit out the space

Opt for a glass room with a central table and stimulating colors. Surrounded by white boards, everyone will be able to write down their ideas!

part from the rest of the desks, a semi-glassed, semi- partitioned space to show that a room is free but that we keep a little mystery in it. A wall filled with post-it visible by all the members of the room. We also propose a « relaxation » space at the exit of the war room to put your ideas back in place and find some inspiration with some books and/or magazines.

Television, relaxation armchair, lawn: make the room as acoustic as possible to stimulate creativity. Everyone has the possibility to schematize on whiteboards, to stick his post-it notes, to play a video on television.

Separate the creativity space from office desks. It is a good way to know how to separate their tasks and focus all together on one and the same thing. You can also create a second work room for a second brainstorming. Here, we focus on soft colors that won’t disturb our brains.

Here again, the space dedicated to creativity is separated by the use of the symbolic line on the ground, with diagrams on a large white board and computers to implement ideas.

As you have discovered in this article, creating a space in your company where creativity and research will combine to find the best possible ideas is a good way to give a certain dynamic to your projects.

It is at that point that you will create a strong enthusiasm among your employees to express their ideas. A very modern vision of brainstorming will then emerge that will change the classic meeting rooms.


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