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Actualité 15 Mai 2018

How to decorate, furnish and fit out your office with a Scandinavian feel

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Ikea, Sostrene or Grene the Scandinavian brands have, in just a few years, established themselves as essential in the decoration sector. Far from confining themselves to the home, they are now entering the office world, to the delight of companies and their employees.

Elegant, functional and minimalist, a Scandinavian-style office fit out design brings a touch of modernism to the interior of a room. Far from being icy, the simple curves, lines and use of clear wood bring the soft warmth of northern homes to an office. Reassuring and refined, this design and fit out combines the qualities expected of many professionals: organization, discretion and design with a touch of originality.

That is why, at Espacio, we believe that the Scandinavian style is perfectly adapted to the company. No sadder white walls and metal shelves that visually pollute space. Step by step, Espacio guides you to give your office space the Scandinavian atmosphere they deserve…

“Less is more”, the particularity of a Scandinavian atmosphere

Before you start decorating and fitting-out your premises, it is important to understand what the Scandinavian style is. At Espacio, we believe that this spirit is summarized in a single adjective: sustainable.

Sustainable why?

  • Sustainable because timeless: more than a fashion, Scandinavian design has become a true art of living, a style. Between rigid lines and curves, it sometimes recalls the Art Deco years. The use of neutral tones with bright and pop colours makes it synonymous with elegance. He gives all his topicality back to Coco Chanel saying, « Fashion goes out of fashion, style never. ».


  • Sustainable because solid: if Scandinavian furniture has stood out it is also because of the quality it demonstrates. Designed to last, they are both functional and robust.


  • Durable because it is eco-friendly: acclaimed by the Scandinavian spirit, materials such as recycled wood, glass and recycled plastic allow it to have a low carbon footprint. The hunt for the superfluous, a true philosophy of this style, is also part of this « happy moderation » approach. And less junk in your workspace is intellectually restful, good for the planet and good for your budget.


This durable DNA, this wiser and original style allows you to offer your employees quality work and relaxation spaces. Designed to be practical above all, it is declined differently according to the rooms.

Simplicity and softness in the reception and relaxation areas

For your reception and relaxation areas, only one advice: seek warm simplicity. Comfort and simplicity are the keys to giving these places the atmosphere of tranquility and calm that is dedicated to them.

Choose walls in light tones and decorated with your personalized logo in wood or on the floor.

Finally, make room for nature. Plants are good for mood, so we don’t deprive ourselves of them! Play with sizes and varieties. Use vases with geometric lines, remember to choose them the same color as the cushions. This little touch will give harmony to the whole.

Simplicity and softness in the reception and relaxation areas Simplicity and softness in the reception and relaxation areas

A Scandinavian style for a relaxed working atmosphere in open space

In the same way as for relaxation areas, light-colored walls are chosen which are resting and facilitating concentration.

Suitable for open-spaces, the Scandinavian style office bench is the perfect compromise between the comfort of a large workspace for everyone and saving space in the room. An Office Chair is ideal to facilitate the movements generated by the work of teams.

To brighten the whole, also install plants in this space. A plant on every desk can be uncomfortable. Therefore, larger plants should be placed on the ground, on window sills, near coat racks or in corners.

Meeting spaces in a refined ambience

To decorate a meeting room, opt for a large wooden meeting table, if possible round, to make exchanges easier. In contrast to the open space, meeting chairs without wheels are used to ensure a proper discussion.

The color range should remain neutral enough to give the room a professional and relaxed atmosphere.

Finally, to avoid cluttering up the space, plants are avoided and designer office lights are placed on the ceiling.

Meeting spaces in a refined ambience Meeting spaces in a refined ambience

Let the light in

Inspired by Nordic weather conditions, the Scandinavian style requires playing with light. Indeed, in winter when the sunshine is at its lowest, the light cancels out the depressing side associated with darkness. It also prevents your employees from tiring their eyes.

Have fun scattering lamps and lights of different sizes. This will give a warm atmosphere to the space. For reasons of economy and ecology, we do not hesitate to use low-energy bulbs.

Cover desks and walls

The wall decoration and accessories contribute to the atmosphere of an office.

To help your employees organize themselves, Espacio offers to support the modular side of Scandinavian offices by decorating them with wooden storage and shelves with graphic lines. Indeed, objects that hang around can be a real distraction. By increasing the number of functional storage spaces, you will encourage your employees to tidy up and get organized. A time-saver that benefits everyone.

For the sake of well-being and aesthetics, we leave an important place to stabilized green plants. A mural plant, for example, dresses and gives a zen and quiet atmosphere to the place. It fits perfectly with the geometry of the Scandinavian style and recalls the forests of the Far North.

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Want to add a Scandinavian spirit to your offices?

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